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You can compete in company challenges and/or TAMU Datathon challenges.

TAMU Datathon



Do whatever the heck you want! We're sure it's gonna be cool 👩‍💻

Note: You can submit to a company challenge and this challenge, but your can't submit to any other TD challenge and this challenge.

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Stock Prediction (Advanced)

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Submit your solution!

Can you predict the future of stock? We recommend using reinforcement learning but do whatever works best!

How We Judge

You'll submit your machine learning model to a link we will provide. You're project will solely be judged on your model's performance (how much money your model makes) on unseen stock time series data.

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TD For-You Page (Intermediate)

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TD wants to make a For-You page on tamudatathon.com that is personalized to every attendee. Can you use the TAMU Datathon applicant data to make this possible?

Some Ideas (but you don't have to do these)

How We Judge

This is an open-ended challenge but and you can do whatever you want! We will judge on the percieved value of your solution to future datathon particpants.

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City Search Tool (Beginner)

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There are a lot of factors that go into making a big move, and for many people, the top priority is either their job or their family. But if you’re on your own and you have job flexibility to go basically wherever you want (i.e. you work remotely), then what? In that case, you have the luxury of finding a place that suits you—and not necessarily just your career.

A myriad of decisions go into picking the perfect place to call home — political leanings, crime rates, walkability, affordability, religious affiliations, weather and more — can you make a tool that allows aggie graduates and others to find thier next move?

High speed internet (of all people?!) made a tool to do this…. but you can do better! Think of more factors: like median income of a location, cuisine, primary ethnicity, pollution index, happiness index, number of coffee shops or microbreweries in the city, etc. There's no end! Furthermore, maybe you are an international student and want to make this tool for global placement! Go for it! Maybe you want to penalize distance from POI's (points of interest) like family. Do it! The world is your oyster!

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Company Challenges


We want you to build a product search engine. Walmart is a fortune 1 retail company that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount departments stores and grocery stores, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Apart from these Walmart has a big online business with well over 65+ online banners under its name including Walmart.com. Naming a few such as Moosejaw, Bonobos, jet etc.

The main area of focus is to provide a customer a consistent user experience when he/she is searching for a product from our website. We achieve that by developing consistent product clusters based on learning rule analysis on Walmart.com but also by overlaying some natural language processing with the use of indexes to get meaningful results when a query is provided.

Now let us talk about some of those tasks that need to be completed to successfully complete the hack.

Results of the search engine relevance against the query when clustering has been incorporated – you should present the clusters that you have obtained as well.


Capital One

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About HPE

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise we believe in being a force for good and making bold moves. Our culture defines us as a company; how we act, how we treat others, and how we conduct business. Our culture is more than words on a page. You create our culture and bring it to life.

We are looking for a project that helps put these beliefs into action. HPE is transforming how people interact with technology. HPE covers it all – Edge to Cloud. AI/ML is a technology capable of transforming how we interact with others and our environment. Solving problems facing our communities is what we do. Whether that is enabling customers to assess the impact of wildfires, flooding, and other natural disasters… or to create awareness of the impact of social injustices in our local or broader communities. Our customers' challenges inspire us to advance technology and create solutions - their success is our success.


We are looking for projects that have clear benefits for our customers. Bonus points if you can show it could be deployed as a service. Be creative!

Teams should use datasets gathered from public sources.



We are looking for the most creative and effective use of MATLAB to solve any challenge.

Come to our workshop to find out how to use MATLAB for your project! If you can't wait for the workshop, here are some trainings for you to get familiar with how to use MATLAB for data science:

For Texas A&M affiliated participants, MATLAB is available to them for free through the campus wide licenses:

For participants not from Texas A&M, here are some links to temporary licenses for the competition:



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Best use of Google Cloud

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